Sunday, September 30, 2007

ohhhhhhh the pressure to blog :)

blogs are like sex. you can have quickies too.

random things about me:

1) i have no time management skills at all.

2) i've got two twin brothers. when i talk to people they thing they're all one person because i never refer to them as two. :)

3) my boyfriend could mop your floor if you flipped him upsidedown.

4) i'm only 15. my brothers are 22. i hate it when my parents are like, "you have to do this because you're the youngest!" that wasn't my fault... hahhaa

5) my favorite subject is english because i don't try at all but manage to get high marks.

6) i love pasta. whenever i go out that's what i order. regardless of price.

7) i take things too seriously sometimes.

8) no me gusta mean people. i don't see the point sometimes.


Thursday, September 13, 2007


thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday!
i would update more often,
but school is kinda time consuming at the moment.
more to come about my week on sunday!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

two left feet?

so my life has been consisting of mad soccer and summer homework this past week. well more soccer than homework ... after all, i am blogging instead of doing la tarea de viernes para la clase de espanol tres A. :)

so today we had a scrimmage against Nantucket and that was pretty fun. we won, four to one. i think that was mainly due to the fact that the opposite team had no sub ins, so the whole team had to play the entire 80 minutes, which is really hard to do! i think i'm getting slightly better at soccer, slightly. i have two left feet, literally.

there was an absolutely amazing save in our game today. it was nearing the end, and the pressure was up towards our net. our goalie had run out to try and get the ball, but missed and left an open net. one of the opposing team's forwards took a shot, and it looked like it was going to go in, but our sweeper (the back center defense player) jumped up into the air and headed the ball into space, missing the net by literally one inch. our whole team was going completely c-r-a-z-y!

haha, enough about soccer. onto school! i start school in about four days, and that's a bummer. i still have a whole spanish book to read, and entries and summaries and all that nice stuff. procratination is probably the worst thing that a person can do.

but this picture gets me into the back to school mood:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

baby pictures.

my brother says that my link is the most clicked one on his site.
i suppose i should say thank you!
(my life doesn't revolve around him, honest.)

well it is like 1 in the am so i suppose i should go head off to bed sometime soon.
i have concluded that being sleep deprived is perfectly normal.
i was a sleep deprived baby!

i was also kind of a slut baby.

but only i can say that...

hahaha hope you guys enjoyed the quick entry!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


maybe with my brother's help, I can be the new face of AMC.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sales are a girl's best friend

I went into Boston today and it was pretty satisfying. I went to go get breakfast a la 7-11 where a homeless man opened the door for me and hustled me for money. I ended up giving him like forty cents because that was all the change that I had. Burritos at 7-11 are surprisingly tasty, by the way.

After 7-11 I walked around the common for a bit and read the metro on a park bench. Then I went to Filene's Basement, which was crazzyyyyy. Everybody seemed to be in a rush to find the perfect shirt, pants, or dress. Some ladies were vicious, one woman tore a dress right out of my hand while screaming "THAT ONE'S MINE!!!" I let her have it... although I don't know how she fit into it? I'm five feet tall and chubby, and she was five foot eightish and a lot more than chubby-ish.

Isn't it weird how saving on money can make people so ... different? I'm pretty sure that had that dress been it's original $120 instead of $15, she wouldn't have reacted the way that she did. It's obvious why money has the impact it does on people, but is it all nessesary? If we lived in a world where everybody was provided with the perfect amount of food, the same clothes, the same technology, etc, would things be better?

There are books who test that theory, the one coming to mind being The Giver by Lois Lowry. In that book, everyone accepts their "black and white" lifestyle, until one learns of how things "used to be." It's a good read, and if you haven't read it perhaps you should. :)

I think that things would work out well if nessesities were provided by the government. Food, clothes, shelter, all that nice stuff. With that being provided, people could do what they really wanted to in life without worrying about starving to death, and earning money simply to buy accessories. There are flaws with my idea, of course, but perhaps in 0592980525 years it might come to work.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


So first post! Let's write about one of my favorites... television.

Now I am a big fan of the TV. I'm kinda like the fly that is drawn towards the light, and in this case the TV is the light. It's bad for me, but I can't help it. I. love. TV.

Hell's kitchen is a really good show, and those of you coming from my brother's blog ( know that he was a big fan of it too. Something about people getting yelled at and food just seem to click nicely together. However, one of my favorite shows this summer was So You Think You Can Dance.

I don't know what exactly drew me to watch this season. I can't dance for my life, and watching them made me a little jealous of my two left feet. Normally when it comes to reality TV shows, I only watch the audition shows because those are funny, and disregard the rest. Perhaps it was the cuteness of Neil and Hok that did it for me. I actually found myself enjoying the dance numbers with great pleasure, cheering for those I liked and even going so far as to vote for them. (I do believe my family has a fear of voting for things on the phone... it might cost money!)

I also developed a little crush on the boys on the show. ;) but comeonnnn, who didn't get a tiny crush on Neil when he came out to dance his solo... shirtless? Watching these guys perform on tour would be awesomeee... but tickets are rather expensive. YouTube will just have to sustain me for now! :)